It’s extremely important to remember to keep Human Hair away from extreme heat just like a synthetic hairpiece.

To wash, it’s simple!
  1. Brush out your wig gently (start from the bottom and gently work your way up).
  2. Run your wig under lukewarm water, ensuring the hair travels in a downward direction so it doesn’t tangle. Once wet, apply a small amount (size of a loonie) into the hair on top of the wig and work through with your fingers. Apply the same amount to the hair about half way down. (Don’t worry if you cannot get to much through the hair. Once you start to rinse it, it will work itself through.)
  3. Rinse the wig thoroughly with clean lukewarm water, ensuring the hair is going in a downward direction. Work the shampoo through the hair as its being rinsed out to ensure all the hair gets cleaned. (Flip your wig upside down and rinse out the cap!)
  4. Once the wig is rinsed out, you can repeat step 2 with wig Conditioner. Its also a great trick to mix your oil to the conditioner in your hand, and work it through the bottom half of your wig. (Apply only conditioner closer to the roots with your fingers). With a VERY WIDE tooth comb, you may gently work the conditioner through the hair if you must. Be VERY gentle as this can cause hair to break. You may let the conditioner sit in the hair for a couple of minutes to ensure its absorbed.
  5. Rinse out your wig with clean, lukewarm water (flip it upside down and rinse the cap!) and towel dry (Pat wig, do NOT twist or rub). *This is a good time when the wig is damp to ‘part’ the hair on the crown a different way.
  6. You may either put your wig on its plastic stand to dry overnight, or blow dry it. If you are blow drying, make sure to use a Thermal Spray to protect the hair from heat damage.
  7. Most human hair wigs must be styled. A canvas head and clamp, and a good quality flat iron is a must as this will make the styling process much easier. (Always use a thermal spray when using heat tools!)
  8. We recommend to wash your wig once every 2 weeks. Depending on environment, season etc…. you may need to wash your hair more often. If you have hard water, washing it no more then once every 2 weeks is best. This ensures the water doesn’t dry it out more then the conditioners can replace. You’ll get to know your wig as you start wearing it, and will know when it’s time to wash! And if you are unsure, feel free to contact us to help!
NEVER Brush your wig while it’s wet! This will cause extra pull on the hair where it’s attached to the cap, and cause the hair to break off, thinning out your hair quicker.
It is recommended that you wash your synthetic wig and human hair wig once every 2 weeks, it is usually best to do it at night so it can sit overnight to air dry.
Every night you should hang your wig on your wig stand. This will ensure the cap keeps it’s form, and it will ventilate air through the cap. This ventilation will help decrease odors from perfumes, body oils etc.
Heat will cause irreparable damage to your wig It’s EXTREMELY important that human hair wigs be kept away from extreme heat such as:
  • curling irons
  • hot blow dryers
  • the stove/oven
  • BBQ
  • steam from dishwashers
  • and fire’s/ fireplaces

To wash it’s simple!

  1. Brush out your wig
  2. Fill a sink with enough luke warm water to cover your wig, add the proper measurement of wig shampoo (usually a cap full), mix and submerge your wig completely. Let sit for about 3 minutes
  3. Empty sink, Rinse wig out thoroughly with clean lukewarm water
  4. Once wig is rinsed out, put it on its stand to dry overnight, and spray with Wig Conditioning spray once dry.
  5. NEVER Brush your wig while it’s wet! This will cause extra pull on the hair where its attached to the cap, and cause the hair to break off, thinning out your hair quicker.